Who We Are

We are leveling the playing field for every Do-It-Yourselfer and mechanic, by offering cost-effective tools with functionality once only available to the OEM...that is until now.

Anzen Electronics puts an interface between man and machine by simplifying and intelligently managing information to and from the vehicle, with cost affective tools and an easy-to-use environment. This interface is so well understood by Anzen Electronics that we have developed methods to secure and track vehicles so that the owner can focus on other tasks. These methods integrate to form a unique product, AutoLock 2™, which tracks and secures a vehicle or group of vehicles.

Currently, our efforts are focused on three distinct products:

  • 1.
    DriverBlocker™ Intelligently inhibits the driver's mobile device from communicating only while vehicle is moving, not while stopped or turned off. It does this without blocking any other passengers' device communications within the vehicle.
  • 2.
    AutoLock 2™ Utilizes existing equipment in the vehicle, without altering it, to prevent any unauthorized access, and immobilize in the event of attempted theft. This product also monitors events pertaining to use of the vehicle, and vehicle vitals.
  • 3.
    AutoScope 2™ Diagnoses problems with the vehicle and tracks vehicle performance data. Displays all diagnostic codes and messages, and can be used to evaluate used vehicles as well as aid in maintenance of emissions.