Meet the Team

Richard J. Skertic

President & CEO

Founder Richard Skertic brings to the company a wealth of experience and educational training as it relates to electronics and controllers for complex systems. He achieved his Bachelor degrees in both mathematics and physics from prestigious Wabash College (1981). He then earned a Masters of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame (1983) with a concentration in control system theory.

Following graduation, he stepped into the Senior Project Management role at Emerson Electric to develop electronic controllers for surveillance systems and tracking and system controls for both military and commercial ventures. As a contractor for Delphi-Delco Automotive Systems, Mr. Skertic developed a rapid algorithm design tool to assist OEM manufacturers in streamlining automotive design by reducing their development cycle.

Mr. Skertic also obtained a Masters of Business Administration degree at the University of Cincinnati (1993). Over the years Mr. Skertic has started several successful small companies related to engineering services and test equipment.