Introducing AutoLock 2™
Security & Monitoring System

The process of disabling a vehicle to prevent unauthorized possession can take on many different approaches. We're confident that ours is the the most reliable ever designed.

Traditional approaches include the following: a standard key can be used; a key with a chip resister can be used to complete the ignition circuit; locks on entry doors; hiding a device wired into the vehicle that does not allow the vehicle actuators to become engaged unless signaled through a handshake mechanism and shorting the vehicle buss so that nothing communicates to anything else in the vehicle. All of these approaches have their weaknesses that can be altered or removed in a matter of minutes and the vehicle can be acquired without authorization.

Anzen Electronics has a solution that utilizes the existing equipment in the vehicle with no alteration to that equipment.

The process is simple, it can only be activated when safe and stable vehicle conditions exist. Once the vehicle has been immobilized it stays immobilized even if the device is removed from the vehicle. It stays in that state until it is requested to be mobilized. The process does not affect the operation of the vehicle in any way.

There is even more that the system can do. It monitors events that occur with any vehicle or group of vehicles on a Dealership lot from opening a door, to starting the engine, to mobilizing the vehicle. It monitors vehicle vitals like battery voltage and fault codes. All of this information is configured into reports that can be used by the Dealership, their Insurer or the OEM all in pseudo real time operation.


Benefits of AutoLock 2™

  • Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Enable and Disable Vehicle
  • Restrict access to a vehicle or group of vehicles
  • Check and count inventory
  • Select business hours
  • Secure vehicles at close of business
  • Alert Authorities if vehicle buss activity is active after hours.
  • Generate Maintenance reports per vehicle or fleet
  • Generate Security reports per vehicle, fleet or person
  • Generate Sales personnel reports per vehicle, fleet or person
  • Generate Sales reports per vehicle, fleet or person
  • Generate Activity reports per vehicle, fleet or person
  • Collects all events and stores them
  • Fob doubles as a calculator
  • “Keys” can stay with vehicle
  • Maintenance alerts (i.e. Low Vehicle Battery)
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