Introducing AutoScope 2™
Advanced Diagnostic System

The AutoScope 2™ is a cost effective multi-functional diagnostic tool.

Designed for ease of use, it can aid even the inexperienced car buff in determining the performance of the vehicle under test, (VUT) and assist in the determination of vehicle problems.

AutoScope2 can display all diagnostic trouble codes and messages in plan English or Spanish to help in understanding the problem. By utilizing the tool, vehicle performance can be tracked over time, displayed or graphed to identify problems and eliminate the guess work in repairs. Learn what your car knows by monitoring the vehicle bus communications, log vehicle data, or query the different vehicle controllers for diagnostic trouble code information.

AutoScope2 can help in the maintenance of your vehicle emissions, evaluate a used vehicle before buying or determine vehicle problems before going to a mechanic. So take this opportunity to know what your vehicle knows with the AutoScope2 from Anzen Electronics.

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