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Will I have to buy updates every year to keep the AutoScope 2 scan tool current?

OBDII is a standard mandated by law and has not changed in years. The electrical interface is fixed and the information that is obtained through that interface is also defined by law. The standard software is updated every year for any new features mandated by law that the vehicle manufacturers implement. The original software will always work, but if you want the device to use the new functionality mandated by law, an upgrade is required at a reduced cost.

What is the activation procedure for the AutoScope 2 product?

The product must be registered and activated before it can be used. There are no yearly fees or periodic activation troubles to overcome. YOU own one license of the software per AutoScope 2 device. The activation is done over the web through our web site only to ensure that it is used with only one PC.

I'm not a professional mechanic. Even with the AutoScope 2 scan tool, will I have to take my car to an authorized service center for repairs?

That depends on your skill set, your tool set and your vehicle's problem. The purpose of our product is to help you figure out what service, if any, your vehicle requires and what line replaceable unit (LRU) to replace. Whether you are a skilled mechanic or a Do-It-Yourselfer, the AutoScope 2 scan tool offers you unequaled access to all your vehicle's controllers so that you can examine each sub-system test results, perturb actuators and displays and observe live vehicle data. If you don't have the tools or the skills to perform the work, then at least you'll be able to produce a vehicle diagnostic report giving you the knowledge of what the problem really is and what should be fixed. In those cases where the Check Engine/Service Engine Soon indicator is illuminated for something as trivial as a loose gas cap, you can prevent the costly, time-consuming trip to an authorized service center without ever getting dirty.

Is there enough information in the standard OBDII interface to service my vehicle?

Yes. The standard OBDII interface supports mandatory data acquisition that can tell you if something is wrong with your vehicle. If your vehicle is equipped with OBDII, then bad sensors can be directly affecting your vehicle';s performance. If any emissions related sensor is determined to be malfunctioning then your vehicle will perform poorly or not at all. Emissions are the main purpose behind mandating OBDII systems in a vehicle. Thus your vehicle knows what is out of specification, (i.e. bad sensor) and this information is used even for the most complex servicing issue.

Why not buy a cheap tool to clear the Check Engine/Service Engine Soon indicator or wait for it to go away?

The Check Engine/Service Engine Soon indicator is connected to the engine controller, which constantly determines if a sensor or actuator is faulty. Even if you did reset this indicator, or wait for it to be cleared on its own, this is an indication that something is failing or has failed. It's unwise to pretend that the indicator didn't light. You could be causing more system damage and potentially strand yourself on the side of the road and/or cost you a lot more money, because you ignored it or waited until it was too late to service the vehicle. You need the assurance that your vehicle is in good working order. Even if the problem is trivial, it could lead to other problems that could cost you money.

What are the differences between RS-232C serial and USB versions of the AutoScope 2?

The limiting factor in evaluating your vehicle is the vehicle buss. So using one serial connection (USB or RS232) over the other will not be faster. It depends on you PC which connection you want to use. The advantages of RS232 is it can have cable lengths up to 100ft; whereas, USB can't without powered repeaters. To get around this limitation Anzen Electronics is designing a wireless version.

Can I use any USB to serial adaptor with your product?

Anzen Electronics offers a compatible adapter and has not validated the use of any other adapter.

How do I know if my vehicle is OBDII compliant?

If your passenger vehicle or light truck was manufactured for sale in the U.S., with the model year of 1996 and newer, all vehicles were mandated by law to provide an OBDII type interface. Prior to that date and after 1987 most vehicles had OBDI type connectors and limited data acquisition. For the model year 2001, the European Union made EOBD mandatory for all gasoline vehicles sold in the European Union. This standard (EOBD) is similar to OBDII and is mandated by law for the model year 2003 diesel vehicles sold in the European Union. You can also check in the engine compartment for an emissions sticker that will verify your vehicle's compliance.

What is CAN?

CAN is an acronym for Controller Area Network originally developed in the Europe Union. It is the required electrical interface for all vehicles beginning in the model year of 2008. Some vendors began using CAN exclusively in previous models. There is no standard rate mandated for this data buss so each manufacturer can implement it differently.

AutoLock 2™


We have a “key management system.” Why should we switch?

These systems track and manage the key, but not the car. Far more than the key, the vehicle is the real inventory asset. AutoLock 2 tracks the event activities or actions that happen with the car. Keys can be duplicated and cause a breech in security but not with AutoLock 2.

Why do I need an AutoLock 2 System?

AutoLock 2 was designed to replace the normal "Lock Box" devices that some dealerships use to help their sales force show vehicles to potential customers. The “Lock Box” approach has the keys in the box and is very easy to break into and drive away with the vehicle. With AutoLock 2 the vehicle is more secure. Even if you have the keys, the only way to take the vehicle is to use a tow truck.

How will AutoLock 2 secure the vehicle?

Although the system has many different features to improve efficiency within the dealership, its most important function is to secure your vehicles. With this system you can set business hours and only allow certain personnel to access certain vehicles. After business hours, the system can be directed to call security or police depending on your arrangement with that agency, for any event that pertains to a vehicle.

We’re comfortable with our current key management system. Is it difficult to setup and operate the AutoLock 2 System?

Setup requires each AutoLock 2 to be associated to a vehicle VIN, and then plugged into the vehicle. Operation is simple too. Each sales person is assigned an AutoLock 2 FOB which doubles as a calculator. The sales person simply types the VIN into the FOB, and if authorized, they can show the vehicle and mobilize/immobilize it.

How will AutoLock 2 improve Productivity?

With AutoLock 2 you can print several different reports. Two of the reports relate to sales personnel/vehicle event activity and the other is a maintenance or diagnostic summary. With the sales personnel/vehicle event activity report, business practices can be evaluated and related to each salesperson. With the maintenance report your vehicles will always be in the best working condition, because the report states the status of each vehicle much like running a diagnostic on each vehicle.

What advantages does AutoLock 2 offer?

AutoLock 2 offers many unique features that can be customized to your needs. These features include:

  • Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Mobilize and Immobilize the vehicle(s)
  • Restrict access to a vehicle or a group of vehicles
  • Check and count inventory
  • Select business hours of operation
  • Secure vehicle at close of business
  • Alert Authorities if vehicle activity is active after hours.
  • Generate Maintenance/Diagnostic reports per vehicle or fleet
  • Generate Security reports per vehicle or fleet or by person
  • Generate Sales personnel reports per vehicle or fleet or by person
  • Generate Sales reports per vehicle or fleet or person
  • Generate Activity reports per vehicle or fleet or person
  • Collects all activity events and store them.
  • FOB doubles as a calculator
  • “Keys can stay with vehicle
  • Maintenance/Diagnostic alerts, (i.e. Low Vehicle Battery)